Tuesday, September 17, 2013


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$5 Supre Cropped Top \\ $4 skirt from Opshoppers \\ Ayoka Lace Up Sandals c/o Jessica Buurman \\ Vintage Cross Shoulder Bag from my mother’s wardrobe

While I’m not a fan of 50’s style, I love the A line midi skirt associated with that era. I think there’s nothing more ultra-feminine than a fitted waist and full-on volume around the knees. My new $4 skirt was a serendipitous find at Opshoppers’ Clean Up Sale slash ‘Election Party’ last week (ending rather anticlimactically with a Liberal win). It was hidden underneath a veritable mountain of miscellaneous skirts (all of which were chic thanks to Fiona’s keen eye for style), and that super current monochrome stripe pattern caught my eye immediately. The thing I love most is that second tier, which gives the skirt extra “oomph” without a petticoat. The sizing is always a trade off with second hand, and this skirt was way too big for me, but a tuck and pin in the back and all is forgiven.

A more surprising addition to my wardrobe is this Supre cropped top which was a mere $5 from the Canberra Centre boutique (covering, I suppose, the price of the jersey material). I never browse shops like Supre anymore because I’ve learned that you get what you pay for, but for no fuss basics that just can’t be made wrong, I could see myself making exceptions once in a while. Happy to see that Supre has a great selection of cropped styles which other local retail spaces are still slow to catch onto, but true to its nature of catering predominantly for going-out-wear, the Supre crop is just a little too short to transcend between cheap and chic. To each her own, I suppose.

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