Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Haul

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From top: Tony Bianco Boots \\ beautiful amethyst pendant from local shop Wildwood \\ Joanne Mercer Sandals \\ Vintage Leather Biker Vest & French Connection Skirt from Material Pleasures

July’s haul was very small by my standards. But inevitably, if I buy anything, it’s always shoes. And if you didn’t know, Canberra DFO is the best place for getting them on the cheap. I’m still on the hunt for low heeled boots. With spring being decided on its way, ankle boots are the perfect shoe to transition between seasons. Jewelry was also on my mind, after I threw away all the costume jewelry I had been as nest decorations (to attract a mate?). The amethyst pendant gifted to me by Wildwood at Lonsdale Street Traders made me wish that amethyst was my birthstone. After all, you always feel like having to justify yourself when you wear gemstones. I always have an opening on my shoe shelf for white heels. I feel like the oh-mah-ing over white shoes is well and truly over and white shoes have finally entered the realm of normality. Don’t you think?

I stand by it. Stopping by at Material Pleasures in Fyshwick once in a while is always enormously worth it. For $45 I added a beautifully soft lambskin biker vest to my collection of leathers. The French Connection skirt was only $5. Again, both perfect pieces to wear into spring. I can’t wait for Material Pleasures’ big summer collection launch at the end of August.

As I’ve begun to take my finances a bit more seriously this year, my big purchases have also been scheduled for mid-August – soon, baby, soon.

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