Saturday, June 8, 2013

Introducing: Shauna Hagan at Sustainable Threads

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This Thursday, six Canberra fashion designers passionate about sustainability in design, showed collections at the Sustainable Threads fashion show. While many of the designers previously participated FASHFEST in May, this year, Shauna Hagan (LOST) is new on the scene, and brings with her a unique point of view and a collection that every Canberra girl will surely be racing to get her hands on. Read on to find out more!

Shauna Hagan practises sustainable design by rescuing lack lustre charity shop second hand pieces and recreating them into new incarnations. As she needs an inordinate amount of vintage pieces, Shauna jokes that she has cleaned out Canberra’s charity shops of all the cool denim there is to buy.

Shauna’s collection for Sustainable Threads featured oversized men’s T shirts repurposed into slouchy dresses, spliced vintage denim jackets and flannel shirts, and men’s button down shirts reconstructed into on-trend cropped tops. Though Shauna’s pieces originate as existing designs, she reinvents each piece in her strongly identifiable 90’s grunge chic style. The LOST girl is youthful, audacious and comfortable in her own skin. Shauna’s pieces are effortless, wearable and the kind of clothes you know you could do cartwheels in if the mood hit you.

Interestingly, Shauna envisions perpetual recycling of her work, whereby buyers would bring back pieces they purchased when they no longer wanted them, so that they can again be remade into something new.

LOST is one local label to watch. And if you are looking to buy any of Shauna’s pieces, get them quick as as each is one of a kind.

[Sustainable Threads is organised by Common Ground Exhibitions and Research]




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