Monday, June 10, 2013

Help From the Underground: Inside Information and the Pop-up Op Shop

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It’s just TWO DAYS away, and I’ve got some secret inside information about Canberra’s Help From The Underground op-shop fashion parade. Close to 400 people have RSVP’d for the event already and a packed house of 600 is expected. I got together with fellow Canberran bloggers to secretly plot a pop-up op shop to be held on the night!

Read on to find out more!


The mission:

Six local designers had to source from Vinnie’s Warehouse (Tuggeranong) six total looks that reflected their philosophy as a designer (briefed by Stephen Wright, Producer, and Nicholas Ellis, Associate Producer). One of the looks had to be entirely blue! This is for ‘The Blue Segment’ (new this year) to honour the important work that Vinnies does through is Blue Door Drop-in Centre operations.

The designers all succeeded, and had a blast in the process. Yesterday, fittings took place with the models and rehearsals.



(Above photos by Leighton Hutchinson)

The Pop-up Op Shop:

Local vintage shop, Opshoppers is heading up a Pop-up Op Shop to be held on the night, in partnership with local blogs Red Magpie, Elle’s Fashion Boudoir, Her Canberra and yours truly. Guests who are inspired by the parade to style a second hand outfit themselves can purchase some amazing items at great prices, with all proceeds going to Vinnies. A huge 8 x 4 metre space has been set aside for the pop-up retail space, which will be lavishly outfitted in vintage style by Opshoppers to fit with the theme of the nights! I can’t wait for you to see it!



(Bloggers got together to pool their second hand clothing stock)

Event information:

Help From The Underground is a charity fashion event to raise vital funds for the 1,785 people identified as being homeless in affluent Canberra.

Music will be provided by Doppel (see Facebook page or www.fashfest.com.au under music) and hip hop dancing by Project Beats Dance Studio.

The event is free entry, but guests are encouraged donate generously for the homeless in Canberra. Cash donation is available on the night, but please consider donating in advance, online through Clint Hutchinson’s participation at the CEO Sleepout. They can do this on www.helpfromtheunderground.com.au.

The venue is an underground (unheated) car park, so please dress warmly!

The event is on THIS WEDNESDAY 12 June, from 6:30 with the fashion parade starting at 7:30. Make sure you register online ASAP as the event is a first in, best dressed. Find out more on the Help From the Underground website.

See you there!!

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