Sunday, June 2, 2013


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Levi’s Denim Jacket from Material Pleasures (similar) \\ Shakuhachi Dress (similar) \\ Karen Millen Cross Shoulder Bag \\ Kenji Ankle Boots (similar) \\ Komono Sunglasses (similar)

I recently decided that I was bored of dressing like a Christmas tree in January or an out of context Harajuku girl, and that I would try to dress ‘normal’ for a change! So I’m doing a massive wardrobe overhaul and selling off more than 3/4 of my (embarrassingly large) wardrobe. So you can tell I never do things by halves. Maybe it’s how the capitalist system is designed that it seems impossible to avoid buying things when all you’re intending to do is sell and pay off your credit card debt. As I’ve been listing on eBay, I’ve rediscovered the gold mine it is for second hand clothing. But the guilt of squandering my profits on this amazing Shakuhachi dress soon dissipated when it arrived in the mail. You know my philosophy: “If you like it, buy it.” I love the chic snakeskin like print and the slinky material which makes you feel like a bit of an amazon or Daenerys from Game of Thrones.

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