Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Article in UsFolk Magazine

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In February, I leaked some snippets of photos taken of me by Angie To Photography for my article in Us Folk Magazine ‘The Fashion Blogger’, an article about being a fashion blogger in a small town. Now that the latest issue of this home grown Canberran publication has been released, I’m able to share the photos in full.

The brief for my shoot with Angie was candid, anonymous and a distinctly Canberran feel. The images would represent peeks into a (idealised) fashion blogger’s day – on her laptop at at a cafe; out on the town doing retail research (read: shopping); and taking photos in the park (though inexplicably not of herself). The feel was laid back, free spirited and a little bit quirky, just like Canberra. We shot at some iconic hangouts in Canberra, the Mocan and Green Grout, Glebe Park and Shop Handmade.

I wore NastyGal shirt, UNIF Shorts, The Cambridge Satchel Company Pastel Satchel and Jeffrey Campbell Suede Litas.


Of course Angie wasn’t exempt from being shot. Ever wondered what Photographers wear to photo shoots? Angie was chic casual in tailored shots and beige fedora.

Oh. And a dog.

Us Folk is “an independent magazine providing a platform for young and emerging artists, photographers, designers, writers and performers from Canberra and the surrounding region to gain exposure and have their work published. Us Folk will feature a bunch of fun, quirky and inspiring content including stories, art, comics, photography, fashion, interviews, recipes, DIY tutorials and more.”

The latest issue is full of interviews, articles and artwork, as always centred around amazing local Canberran talent including Charlie White, Dranoel, Alex Lundy and Georgia Kartas. It’s now on sale now at these Canberran establishments!


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