Monday, April 8, 2013

Art on walls

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We spend the first years of our life learning all the rules and getting in trouble for breaking them. Then for the rest of those, we slowly learn that breaking the rules is ok, and sometimes, rewarded. I don’t know about your household, but in mine, drawing on the walls was punishable by the longest periods of naughty corner confinement. But at the New Acton complex in Canberra, the owners not only permitted, but encouraged artists (and other randoms) to adorn its many prominent faces with larger than life illustrations, during its Art Not Apart event in March. The artwork looks so amazing that I had to return and use them as backdrops for one of my outfit shoots. Dressed in black and greys against these walls, I rather felt like a drawing of a girl rather than a real one.


I captured these amazing candid moments of intense creativity at Art Not Apart 2013 Canberra.


My own sailor moon doodle being pasted on the wall, below.

Karen Walker Bunny Sunglasses
Vintage Tuxedo Jacket
Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle
Zara Pleather Biker Pants

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