Friday, March 15, 2013

The Camo Jacket

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I wonder if I love the camo print so much because its simply chic, or because I always secretly wanted to be a kickass gunbearing female video game character. Surprisingly, I found this great army surplus jacket at a stall at the Canberra Show, proving that even a show traditionally to show off your farm animals can be an awesome fashion destination. The stall attendant was quite frankly beside herself that I was looking to buy her wears for myself, as, she told me, they have only ever sold to girls who were buying gifts for their boyfriends. So understandably there were male sizes only. Though I purchased this camo print jacket in the smallest size, it's still deliciously oversized, thereby, I hope, making me look slimmer in comparison. Natrually I juxtaposed this masculine jacket with a lace dress (from Vanity Box), but I debated at length whether the final item should be a pair of grungy boots or these Zu clear sided heels. What do you think would have completed this outfit better?


Army surplus camo jacket from The Canberra Show
Zu Shoes
eBay bag

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