Saturday, March 16, 2013

Coffee and Muffin

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While a lot of people love summer, it’s winter that I’m always holding out for. It’s the idea of waking up in the chilly morning, slipping straight into a soft thick knit before that warm-in-bed feeling slips away, and stepping outside into the cool fresh air for the first coffee and muffin of the day. The knit is, of course, central to this picture. That said, every time I experience the freezing cold Canberran winter, I wonder how I ever survived the last one. Most likely by sitting inside huddled next to a small electric heather and never stepping out for a coffee and muffin at all.



Alice’s Closet Knit

Witchery Jodhpurs

Rebecca Minkoff Woven Leather Bag

Nasty Gal Necklace

Shoes from market in China

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