Friday, March 1, 2013

Should I cut my fringe?

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If you follow my blog on the regular (chocolate for you!! :D) you might have noticed the gradual decline of the state of my hairstyle, or lack thereof. I’ve been toying to and fro about whether or not to keep the straight bangs (which make me look 15 years old) or to grow it out and be one of those au naturel girls with the centre part. I have totally done the centre part when I was a studious young Asian school girl with a backpack, but I feel that perhaps with years of gradual baby fat reduction, I could pull it off now. So it’s now to you, my readers and the casual passers by who came here via politically inappropriate Google search terms – should I cut my fringe?


Debuting today is my so-beautiful-I-could-cry Rebecca Minkoff Woven MAC in neon pink! I really don’t know what it is about this bag that made me love it at first sight – the nipple shaped flap? I think I must have an unusual (acquired?) taste in bags. A lot of people prefer the solid colour M.A.C’s and when I showed my housemate my brand new acquisition, she asked me why I bought one with plastic through it – to which I defiantly responded ‘it’s patent!’ It seems an alarmingly high proportion of people in the world assume that patent leather is a cheap form of leather. This is totally unfounded!

And below: again with the Zara heels! So in love!


Sweater from market in China

Sportsgirl dress

Rebecca Minkoff MAC

Zara heels

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