Monday, March 4, 2013

Diner En Blanc Canberra 2013

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I’ve never worked so hard for a picnic in my life. But then again, Diner En Blanc is no ordinary picnic. Picture this, a fabulous picnic attended by hundreds of guests all dressed elegantly in white (in vein of a 1880’s Renoir painting), with white chairs, white table clothes, white balloons, white table decoration and beautiful food (which are not required to be white). Among all sorts of rules to abide by, I had to find myself a white dress, which was much more difficult than I imagined. Seeing that I was in a pinch, local vintage shop Opshoppers put together a lavender scented White Emergency Package for me in the nick of time.




Vintage Dress Glow Mesh Bag and Accessories c/o Opshoppers

Tony Bianco Shoes



This is my adorable White Emergency Pack from Opshoppers. I smelled of lavender all night. And look what owner Finoa was wearing! So adorable!


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