Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Magic Magic False Eyelashes Review

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Wow, it’s been so long since my last false eyelash review! I guess it was because I had reviewed all the eyelashes I thought I would ever wear, but one look at Magic Magic ‘Circus’ false eyelashes, and I knew I had found my next big love.

The Japanese false eyelash market is pretty much dominated by headliner brands like Diamond Lash, Dolly Wink, and Eyemazing. This is well justified considering the amazing quality of their false lashes. So it’s really refreshing to see a brand outside of this ‘circle of power’ match that standard. Magic Magic “Circus’ false eyelashes is a high quality false eyelash that looks extremely natural and is so easy and comfortable to wear. Read on for my full review!


First of all, I am so in love with this packaging! I love circus themes, especially when it’s made all cutesy with cuddly baby tigers with scarves and cats and bunnies, which, as far as I knew, aren’t traditional circus animals. But hey, when they are throwing cute knifelettes and flying the trapeze, who am I to question their plausibility? I’m just a sucker for cute makeup!


Magic Magic 'Circus’ false eyelashes are, surprisingly, made with a combination of mink hair and horse hair, rather than human hair or synthetic fibre that’s usually used. This gives the lashes that feathery, fluffy appearance. The strands are extremely fine, and while, may not faithfully resemble human lashes, have a beautiful natural curl and is extremely light weight. In fact, these are possibly the lightest false lashes I have ever worn.

The strands are bonded to a flat solid spine. I tend to prefer this type over the clear spine as there is more surface area for eyelash glue to adhere to and the black spine helps to define the the eyes (provided that you use black eyeliner).

Magic Magic ‘Circus’ has a standard fanning out design, with lashes been shortest on the inner corner, longest in the centre, and slightly shorter towards the outer corner.

While the instructions imply that you should cut these lashes to size before using, I think they are a perfect length to create the droopy Gyaru eye, and to elongate the eye line.


Magic Magic ‘Circus’ lashes are on the subtle side, but I think you’ll agree that they still make the eyes pop. The super fine fibres look so natural, and best of all, look extremely natural.


The flat extremely flexible spine makes these so easy to apply, and adhere perfectly. You can see that these are practically seamless.


Magic Magic ‘Circus’ lashes have joined my all time favourite lashes list, in company with Dolly WInk No.10 and Diamond Lash Dolly eye!

What you’ll love:
- Extremely natural and subtle look
- Flat spine makes for easy adherences
- Outstandingly flexible spine contours easily to the curve of the eye and also makes these unlikely to lift up
- Super light weight, making this very comfortable to wear

What you might not like:
- Slightly on the subtle side, so may not suit those who want something more dramatic.
- Extremely fine fibres are delicate, and require special care if you want multiple wears from these lashes

While Magic Magic ‘Circus’ false lashes don’t come with its own eyelash glue, Eyecandy’s has this product in a twin pack which includes these false lashes and Magic Magic eyelash glue.

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This product was provided by www.eyecandys.com!

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