Friday, March 8, 2013

Another pair of printed pants

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Living life could be boiled down to a never ending quest for that elusive balance between variables and forces – fast and slow, greed and generosity, pride and humility… In our materialistic modern society, it seems we have a new balance to strike, one between being trendy and a fashion victim. It’s the fine art of being the first to jump onto the current fad then rejecting those fads immediately as it becomes recognized as mainstream. Personally, I am completely resigned to being in the fashion victim extreme. Show me any credible evidence that something is in vogue and I’ll go out and buy 10 of them. Printed pants? I’m up to my sixth pair.





I used to think the kitten heel was an abomination that should never have left the mad style lab. Just high enough to be uncomfortable, but not nearly high enough to give you height – pointless, basically. But as with all my personal fashion axioms, I’ve done a 180. The pointed toe ankle strap kitten heel (*phew*)is to me, the perfect shoe. You get the best of both worlds of dressiness (the pointed toe) and casualness (the mini heel), and the ankle strap, well, they don’t need any justification do they?


Equipment Signature Silk Shirt

ASOS Printed Pants

Gifted Animal Print Clutch

ASOS “Sonic” pointed kitten heels

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