Monday, February 4, 2013


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The girls working at Wittner actually looked at me like I was a bit mental when I went in to order these Alexander Wang inspired heeled loafers in silver. I guess Canberra Wittner was so sure no one would want a pair of silver shoes that they never bothered to get this pair in stock. Are you serious? Hello? Why would you want these shoes in any other colour?


A lot of people think that leather is a thick and stiff material that only works in shoes, jackets and lounge room furniture. But depending on the type of leather, it can be draped, pleated, and stretched just like any other fabric, but unlike any other fabric, there’s a beautiful luxe quality about genuine leather that is not easy, maybe impossible, to replicate. This skirt by VIPARO can only be described as such – luxe – with its rich voluminous silhouette and butter soft surface, so fine, that it is in no need of a bottom hem. On that note, I might mention that I used to be a vegetarian. During the entire time that I refused to eat meat of any kind, I still bought, wore, and adored leather. Morality is always vulnerable to double standards, and us girls are paradoxical like that.


French Connection Hat

Jacket from subway market in China

Sportsgirl Necklace

i.d.s. top (from Itrip Iskip Canberra)

VIPARO leather pleated skirt (here)

Wittner shoes (here in black)

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