Monday, February 25, 2013

The Fair

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I love it when the fair comes to town. It’s a place for unabashed innocent fun, where you are free to believe that there is skill involved in the turning clown heads game; where $100 spent on show bags full of second rate candy and dollar store toys is totally ok, indeed, applauded; and where eating while walking is socially encouraged behaviour. I’m still a total sucker for those show bag whoopee cushions, though the skill of pulling off the prank successfully has always eluded me. The frivolity of the occasion made me want to dress frivolously. So Sunday’s outfit was a little bit circus meets Parisian zoo (yes, the one that Madeline frequented). Did you make it to the Canberra Show this weekend?




So it seems this is the week of shoe debuts. These gorgeous red ZARA kitten heel pumps were procured for me by my fabulous new housemate, who, by some happenstance has ZARA related connections. These heels were apparently located in a far corner of the Sydney ZARA warehouse, and set aside for me. We are not sure whether they were or perhaps have yet to be released here in Australia. So as far as I’m concerned, I’ve got myself a rare pair of kicks.


c/o ROMWE Printed Blouse

VIPARO Leather Pleated Skirt

Ebay earrings

The Cambridge Satchel Company Pastel Satchel

ZARA heels

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