Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Skin 79 Kick It Side Touch Me Now ‘Mystic’ Highlighter review

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Touch me now
Korean cosmetics Skin79, while best known for its highly rated and world famous BB creams, also has a pretty damn amazing makeup line, as I had the pleasure of finding out. MyBBCream.com, Australia’s only official authorised Skin79 distributor, asked me to review three products from Skin79’s exciting new ‘Kick It Side’ line.

I’ve selected three items I thought would be versatile for both day and night. Just before I start I just want to foreshadow that the names of these products are a little bit awkward, but let me assure you that they sound damn cool when spoken in Korean! So the products I’ll be reviewing in three parts are:

Touch Me Now in ‘Mystic' highlighter
Lets Go Glam in ‘Go Out’ eye shadow primer
and Fantastic Eyes in ‘Mesmeric Purple’

First up is Touch Me Now ‘Mystic’ highlighter.



Touch Me Now Mystic is your basic highlighter product. I love highlighters. In fact, I’m a highlighter junky. It’s virtually essential for contouring, and it’s great for that much sought after summer glow look. Highlighter also doubles nicely as a light eye shadow.


I love this product from the first swipe. Touch me Now Mystic has an even consistency and applies very smoothly. Like all good highlighters, it’s got great light reflectivity but isn’t shimmery, and doesn’t contain any glitter (so you won’t be invited for any makeunders on ‘Snog, Marry or Avoid’!). Because it applies translucently, I think this shade would be suitable for all skin tones.

Touch me now

For contouring, I use Touch Me Now Mystic on the top of my cheek bones and the bridge of my nose. It’s also great for brightening up the eyes.


Here’s my look with this highlighter. I love how it gives glowy skin and adds depth to the face without making you look like a disco ball.

Overall, this is a top highlighter with great versatility. Find out more about it here.

(Just because I know someone will ask, the contacts I’m wearing are Neo Flora Green :))

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