Monday, January 28, 2013


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Yup, this skirt has cat ears! Or butterfly wings: whichever worldview you hail from. As for me, a 20-something girl driven by a 12 year-old subconscious, nothing’s more exciting than inanimate objects sprouting animal-like features (anthropomorphised?). Also depending on how whimsical you happen to be, you might also see a big toothy smile in the arrangement of jewels on this cat/skirt/butterfly.

I think it’s funny and typical at the same time that everything that was considered to be tacky and childish are now totally ok to wear as serious fashion. The riding hat with ears by Givenchy; Mulberry’s teddy and cookie collections; Disney going couture in jewellery; Hello Kitty going couture in everything and the totally fabulous jewel print (Check out Lanvin Resort 2012 jewel print platform shoes, Kate Spade King’s Jewels Print and Camilla and Marc Cruise 2012 jewel print dress). What’s better than wearing huge bling bling costume jewels? A dress that’s printed to look like you’re wearing huge costume jewels.
Thrifted top (from Trash and Treasure Market, Jamison)
Ebay Skirt (here)
Typo laptop bag (worn as clutch)
Zue Shoes Heels (here)

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