Saturday, December 1, 2012

Berry Holic (XTRA) Series Grey: So natural!

Pin It Now! The Berry Holid Xtra Series are natural coloured lenses on the large side, and comes in grey and brown. Today I’m reviewing Berry Holic Xtra Grey, which gives naturally translucent eyes with a grown up feel.
  • Brand: GEO
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Water content: 38%
  • Diameter: 15.0 mm
  • Base Curve: 8.6
  • Duration: 1 year disposable
The key to the natural look of this lens is the two tone colour, which starts brown in the centre of the iris, fades to grey, then ends in a semi-solid black border.
Berry Holic XTRA felt really big to put in, but I had to remind myself that it’s the same size as almost all my other lenses, including the Princess Mimi Bambi series. I think the reason they feel big is that they are made so thin and soft, so they tend to flip over as you try to put them in.
The lovely halo effect makes your eyes look translucent. The design also shows up really well against my dark eyes.
IMG_3209 IMG_3342 IMG_3208
Berry Holic Extra Grey is a mature looking beautiful natural lens, perfect for creating that sexy Ulzzang look. You can get yours at Eyecandys.com here.

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