Sunday, November 11, 2012

End of week outfit: Galaxy print vest and denim shirt

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I wore: Galaxy print top c/o www.romwe.com • Denim shirt and headband – Market in China • Pleather pants – C&A • Brogues – Mimco

I never thought I’d say it, but I think my big chunky platform boots phase is over. I used to feel like an outfit isn’t complete without a pair of killer platforms, and I was all for the bottom heavy look. I used to always choose the big boots over flats, thinking flats only made me look stumpy. While I think there are still some styles that really need a pair of Litas, I’m now rediscovering my brogues and ballet flats. An no, it’s not because of the comfort issue. I’m telling, Litas are so comfortable, you can totally run in them!
Which do you prefer, heels or flats?
Also, can someone explain to me what the deal is with cats and space?

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