Friday, September 21, 2012

Canberra Shopping Guide: overseas brands and hard to find fashion at Canberra Fash’n’Treasure

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If you’re in that chunk of the Canberran population that has had to move here for work, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that shopping in Canberra can be..well..challenging! It’s not that there’s nothing here, it’s just that you really have to know where to look. So I’ve decided to launch a new post series, the ‘Canberra Shopping Guide’. Here I’ll talk about all my recommended places for buying the best fashion, beauty, giftware, decor, and more!

Canberra Shopping Guide #4: Overseas brands and hard to find fashion at Canberra Fash’n’Treasure

Fash’n’Treasure is not just your average weekend market for homemade candles and overpriced paper craft. This is where Canberrans come to turn over their wardrobes and where one fashionista’s buyer remorse turns into another’s fantastic find.

What to buy here:

An unexpected result of the combination of Canberra’s small town isolation and international population is that the average wardrobe is comprised of clothes purchased in the cities, online and overseas, making an event like Fash’n’Treasure one of the only place in Canberra to pick up hard to find overseas brands like H&M, Top Shop and ASOS. I’ve also seen Jeffrey Campbell and Dolce Vita shoes.

Also, as Fash’n’Treasure’s clientele are typically fashion conscious, the quality of clothing sold is high and styles diverse. Vendors know that old tatty clothes wont sell, so pretty much everything there is close to new, or never worn at all.

Recently I’ve seen an increase in professional vendors selling eclectic and unique fashion pieces from Canberra surrounds and also Sydney.



Just a few amazing things I’ve picked up at past Fash’n’Treasures:                    



Price range:

A majority of items I’ve seen sold at Fash’n’Treasure is under $50, with items starting as low as $5.

Where to buy

Fash’n’Treasure is now being held at Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC). The next Fash’n’Treasure will be on 10 November 2012!

You can find out out more here.


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