Thursday, September 27, 2012

5 shoes for transitioning into Spring/Autumn

Pin It Now! No matter which side of the world you’re on, it’s that between seasons transition period when people start changing their wardrobe rotations to weather the changing temperature. However, as a self proclaimed recessionista, I don’t believe in having separate wardrobes for the warm and cool seasons. Rather, I think that by investing in some key pieces, you can ride out the seasons and save a bucket load of money. Here are my picks for the top five shoe styles that are perfect for transitioning between the seasons.
#5: The Peeptoe Booty
One day, some brilliant person thought up the idea that boots can be made multi-seasonal by building in some breather holes. The peeptoe booty is the happy marriage of the boot and the sandal, and for that reason, are just so perfect for transitioning between seasons. However, I wouldn’t compensate for colder days by wearing tights or socks, as this would defeat the point of the peeptoe feature!
#4: The Heeled Mary Jane
If you’re after a pump that traverses the seasons, then it’s got to be the heeled Mary Jane. The reason? While these are perfect for the warmer seasons wore alone, they were practically made to be worn with socks of tights. I know there are two schools of thought when it comes to whether socks should be wore with heels, but I personally love this trend. Tights are also amazing with the Mary Jane. This season, try wearing this style with ombre tights in cobalt or violet.
#3: The suede platform wedge boot
This is one die hard style. We’ve seen versions come back season after season. What’s so great about the platform wedge boot is that it gives you the height of a stiletto, but due to the uniform texture and colour, the whole boot looks like an extension of your leg. While this shoe is a high performer for winter with some thick cotton tights, for spring/autumn, it’s the perfect amount of coverage and warmth worn with shorts or a dress.
#4: The Chelsea Boot
The chelsea boot is truly classic, goes with just about anything, but best of all, offers just the right amount of coverage to keep your toes warm, but not overheat on mild days. My favourite thing to wear with these is a pair of black skinny jeans tucked into the boot. However, they are also perfect to tone down the cute in a feminine floral dress.
#1: The Brogue
I was so happy that the humble brogue was brought back into style. Known for its simple and elegant ‘brogued’ design, manish flavour and, best of all, comfort (when well crafted, like comfortable Dune shoes), this is really the perfect shoe for all seasons. Going into spring, ditch the thick tights and wear these with American Apparel style lace ankle socks and a pair of tailored culottes for dapper charm. For Autumn, as the temperature drops, slip on a pair of trousers, rolling up the leg a couple of times on warmer days. The brogue is the ultimate trans-seasonal chameleon.

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