Friday, August 10, 2012

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk Hot Pink PK004

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Why do Korean cosmetics have such elaborate names? Try this one: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk - PHEW. But have you every seen a cuter looking lippy?


Naming conventions and packaging aside, what really attracted me to this adorable lippy is Etude House’ elaborate and ingenious ‘web drama’ marketing campaign, featuring Korean boy band SHINee. The web drama ‘Kiss Note’ is premised on a girl finding a mysterious note book, in which, if she writes the name of the boy of her dreams, she’ll get a kiss from him. Sounding a bit familiar? Clearly a reference to that somewhat darker note book which had much more dire consequences for the person whose name is written in it, ‘Kiss Note’ is definitely the perfect sell for Blooming Lips-talk, which promises to give you kissable lips.



Ok now back to cute packaging. With so many black straight up and down lipstick tubes out there, a pastel pink, curvy, tulip like lippy, complete with impossibly tiny metallic bow tie, is a refreshing change. While people might say it looks a lot like play makeup, this high quality, high performing lippy is definitely no toy.


Blooming lips-talk comes in a seriously huge range of colours. While many of the colours in the same range seem too similar to distinguish, they all look gorgeous, and I wouldn’t mind having one in each colour group.


I’m a huge fan of vivid pink, so naturally I was immediately taken with PK004.


Blooming Lips-talk melts like butter on the skin, and glides smoothly to deliver vivid colour and moisture rich shine.


While Blooming Lips-talk is semi-opaque, it covers with even colour over the lips.


So what do you think? Kissable?


As soon as I swathed Blooming Lips-talk PK004, it immediately reminded me of my favourite lippy, Chanel Luminous Satin Lip “Insolente”. Putting the two colours side by side, it seems like PK004 is just a bit more on the blue side. Both are hydrating semi-sheer hot pinks. With Chanel “Insolente” going for about USD$30, Blooming Lips-talk is probably a damn good dupe at only USD$11.


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  1. Cute packaging and very nice colors. I'll have to try one. Thanks for the review!


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