Sunday, August 26, 2012

End of week outfit: Denim shirt and pastel leggings

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I wore: Oversized Denim Shirt (similar) - Target • Collar tips – Ebay • Volcano ash leggings (similar) – Topshop • Rocco Duffle bag (similar) – Alexander Wang • Shoes (similar) – Zu Shoes

Spring’s clearly around the corner, as flowers have already started to blossom. This has got to be my favourite time of year. For great photos, nothing beats colours and textures that already exist in nature.


Sometimes it’s funny where you find fantastic pieces. I was just browsing Target during my work break a few weeks ago, and (as I have a denim addiction) this lonely looking bleached denim shirt on the sales rack caught my eye. On closer inspection, it was size 16, and was marked down to $8.63 (yeah, weird price!). Now for tops I’m size 8, but sometimes tops that are meant to be fitted can give a great oversized boyfriend look when worn a few sizes too big. So I thought, what the hell, it’s only $8! Updated with a quick collar tip addition, this has now become one of my favourite denim numbers, and not the least because it’s so comfortable!


Ever purchased something amazing in an unexpected place?


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