Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Canberra Shopping Guide: Tressle, brand new boutique for cheap and chic

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If you’re in that chunk of the Canberran population that has had to move to Canberra for work, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that shopping in Canberra can be..well..challenging! It’s not that there’s nothing here, it’s just that you really have to know where to look. So I’ve decided to launch a new post series, the ‘Canberra Shopping Guide’. Here I’ll talk about all my recommended places for buying the best fashion, beauty, giftware, decor, and more!

Canberra Shopping Guide #1: Tressle, brand new boutique for cheap and chic

Just when you were thinking there’s no place in Canberra to buy cheap and chic fashion that’s up to speed with the trends in the ‘world out there’, and that unique pieces can only be obtained online, Asian fashion boutique Tressle appears literally out of no where.

What to buy here:

This is a place for reasonably priced on-trend apparel, shoes, bags and accessories for seasonal consumption. The first day I visited I spotted pastel, brights, metallics, sequins, studs and peal embellishments, wicked blazers, and collars, collars, collars! The styles can be described as feminine, cute and chic, ranging from day and night styles, as well as office. The flavour is decidedly Korean in flavour (and possibly origin). If you are familiar with online Asian retailers like Romwe and OASAP, you’ll likely see a lot of the same items at Tressle.

photo 1(1)photo 3(1)
 photo 4(1)photo 5

While most pieces are branded as ‘Tressle’, some seem to be of other some what well known brands in Asia. For example, I’ve seen Korean brand Style Nanda stocked there too.
The turnover of stock is extremely fast, with new items arriving almost every day. So the items I’ve photographed here are probably already sold out!

However, as with other Asian fashion boutiques, the size selection is limited, with most pieces available in only one size, often ‘M’. The tailoring is also on the petite side, with shorter sleeves and hems, and higher waist lines. Make sure you try things on before buying to ensure they fit properly.

Price range:

Tressle is incredibly reasonably priced! Shirts start from $24.99, and the most expensive thing I’ve seen in store so far is $59.99. The low price doesn’t mean low quality, however. I’d say the quality of clothing here is on par with most chain stores.

My favourite item purchased from Tressle so far is this Style Nanda metallic skirt (outfit post to come soon), and it was only $20!

Where to buy

Tressle is located in Garema Place, in the same building as Garema Place Surgery!

photo 2(1)

If you have any suggestions for the Canberra Shopping Guide, please email me!

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