Wednesday, July 4, 2012

EOS Candy Brown–The classic dolly eye lenses

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Following on with my ongoing quest for the perfect brown lens (which I had previously announced to have found in Princess Mimi Almond Brown), today I’m reviewing the classic of classics in the circle lens world, EOS Candy Brown. Having previously owned and loved it’s lookalike, GEO Sakura Brown (until it’s untimely demise due to man handling by me), I knew, without even having to try these on, that I was onto a new contender in my search for the perfect brown lens.


EOS Candy/Jelly is one of those classic circle lens designs that have been around for quite some time, and is, as most beauty bloggers will happily agree, one of the best lenses for creating that big eyed dolly look. It’s one step up from the pure circle lens, which simply features a black ring, as it adds colour, and is available in a wide range of colours, from green to pink. My personal favourite is Candy brown.


The design is simple but genius. It features a relatively thick black band on the outer edge, and is followed by a subtle light brown opaque inner ring, which gradually fades out. Here is where EOS Candy Brown differs in appearance from GEO Sakura Brown, which has two very defined rings. Looking at this lens, you would think, ‘how is this supposed to look natural, it doesn’t even attempt to look like a human eye!’ But there’s more to this lens than meets the eye.


This lens is loved by many Popteen magazine models, for its ability to define the eye, and create an effect that you can only describe as ‘dolly!’. It’s also very similar looking to the Puream Pure Bear lenses that Kumicky produced, and wears in so many of her shots in Popteen.


Here’s the close up. You can see that even on my very dark eyes, the design shows up quite vividly.


Here’s how the lens looks in direct light. I love how on my dark eyes, it makes me look like I have huge cat light dilated pupils.


And here in ambient light, in which the lenses look soft and ever so slightly dreamy.


Best of all, these are so comfortable!! I wore these out shopping all day, and I almost forgot they were there.

Finally, I MUST share you guys the adorable lens cases that you can get at Pink Sakura!


As well as the lens case, there are some tools to hygienically handle your contact lenses without touching them with your fingers! I love being able to throw all this in my hand bag!


So where can you get yourself a pair? Check out Pink Sakura, which is selling these at just 21.90 a pair!


Pink Sakura is a new Australian based Asian cosmetics retailer on the scene, specialising in GEO Medical contact lenses – stock including the popular Bambi Princess Mimi series – yay – and Asian cosmetics, with mostly Korean brands like Etude House, Tony Moly and Holika Holika! They also sell nail art supplies and Kawaii Items!


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