Sunday, July 15, 2012

End of week Outfit–The perfect maxi skirt

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I wore: Fringed Top – Fash’n’Treasure • Pleated Maxi SkirtJovonna London • Necklace – www.nastygal.com • Jeffery Campbell “Perfect Spike” Platform Sandals - www.solestruck.com

I LOVE maxi skirts, but, for such a popular style everyone always talks about how hard it is to actually wear. I’ve been buying up maxi skirts probably since 2010, but every one has just gone in a box somewhere: unwearable! Too short, too skinny, too flared… In my experience, a full length maxi tends to make people look shorter, no matter what height they are, and can be generally unflattering with most types of tops (or maybe you just have to be stick figure thin)! I was so excited to receive Jovonna London’s famous Jovonnista pleated maxi skirt in the mail last week. One look at it and I knew that this would be the one. The material is unusually heavy, and always falls perfectly into place, and the pleats give that red carpet gown movement to the hem as you walk. It’s also made high waisted, so your shape doesn’t get lost in the line of the skirt. One thing that may be challenging is that the skirt is so so long. Even wearing platform heels the skirt only just lifted off the ground! But then again, the added length negates the shortening effect on the legs.

A few things I’d suggest for wearing maxi styles. I think a fitted rather than slouchy top looks the best, and always tucked in, if long enough. The last thing you’d want to do is make your waist disappear. If the full length maxi makes you look short even with sky high heels, then maybe the midi is the way to go.

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Also in my package was a “Jovonna” belted bracelet – pretty cute actually!

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Maxi Skirts: Love or Stay away?

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  1. I love it ! The outfit is son nice and you are so cute !


    Xoxo | Chloé


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