Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Midweek outfit–Chambray on denim from OASAP.com

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I wore:
Chambray and Chiffon : www.oasap.com
Jeans: Ksubi
Boots: Zu
Bag: Forever New
Spike Headband: Diva
Rings and necklace (worn backwards): Sportsgirl and Colette

The thought of buying a JC Lita lookalike from another shoe brand had never even crossed my mind, until I saw these babies on sale at Zu, for only $50, down from about $200 (yes, Zu versions of Litas are MORE expensive than the real thing!), and my fashion ethics went out the window. Putting these up against my JC Litas they look very similar in every way. The only difference is Zu’s versions (called ‘K2’) comes in a shade and finish you can’t get from JC. So at least in a sense they are unique. I’ve always been impressed with Zu’s craftsmanship, so I have no complaints in the quality department.
I am body and soul on board with the spike everything trend at the moment. Spiked shoes, spiked bracelets, and of course, spiked headbands. I was so stoked to find this spike headband from Diva of all places. I love that it’s thin and relatively subtle, and the copper tone is totally in line with my gold jewellery obsession at the moment. Unfortunately when I wore this to a photo shoot on the weekend, everyone thought I was going for the statue of liberty look! 12
I’m sure you all know I’m heavily style crushing on Ena Matsumoto, who produced her own line of clothing, Emoda. I picked out this shirt from www.oasap.com it because it looked just like the famous Emoda denim and chiffon shirt, but when it arrived, it turned out to actually be by Emoda. So there’s yet another reason I’m loving www.oasap.com – it’s the one place I’ve found where I can actually get Emoda items. The only problem is this shirt is meant to be oversized, and it really fits juts right on me.
about_the_store_thumb_thumb www.oasap.com is currently my first port of call online shopping destination! Their stock has got me going starry eyed, and I like almost everything. OASAP promises to update with 100 new items each and every day! The prices are also very affordable, with worldwide free shipping! I love the fact that because they have so much stock, it’s like a treasure hunt to find the perfect item. Happy shopping! oasap
What’s your favourite trend right now?

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