Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Midweek Outfit: If only things were black and white

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I wore:
Button up shirt by Sportsgirl
Pleather skirt by by Alice in the Eve from General Pants Co.
Bag by Forever New
Suede Platform Boots from Zu Shoes
Necklace, thrifted
You might not know it from my outfit posts of late, but there’s nothing I love better than to dress in black and white. Black even more so, and not the least because of its power to make my chunky legs that tiny bit slimmer looking! This outfit kind of sums up all my favourite buys this month so far. The latest of these acquisitions is these perfect suede platform wedge ankle boots which was on sale at Zu for only $50! So many mornings I’ve put an outfit together and thought to myself how great a pair of black wedge boots would look with it. It was getting ridiculous! That very day I found these boots on the Zu website, called the store to see if they had it in stock, then went directly there to pick it up.35_2
Increasingly, my shelves are being filled with shoes from Zu . While I don’t respect the fact that all their trendy styles are skimmed from the top of collections by popular overseas shoe brands, like my beloved Jeffrey Campbell, and the fact that Zu’s look-a-like shoes are always MORE expensive than the designs they were based on, I can’t help but appreciate the excellent quality of their shoes, and the fact that I can actually go in to try the shoe on, and take it home the same day. Goodbye, fashion ethics!

How do you feel about buying look-a-like fashion?

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