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Instant glowing youthful looking skin? Aritaum Baby Face Mist

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A product that isn’t talked about all that much, and which until recently I had never heard of, is ‘facial mists’. They are basically moisturizer in aerosol form, although many simply contain mineral water. Toner can also be found in mist form, like Jurlique Toning Mists. Though this looks like just another way of delivering skincare products to the skin, and would be perfect for dry winter days, or cooling off on a hot day, facial mists are, as I have found out, actually extremely effective for setting your makeup, to give that dewy (note: not shiny) finish. It’s somewhat of an alternative to using powder to set makeup (and setting one’s makeup is so very important!), where on the one hand powder creates a porcelain matte finish, facial mist is more apt to give you a dewy, beachy, glowing look.


Now, I know my readers, so I know you must be thinking: ‘but why would I want to look dewy when I’ve been trying so hard to mattify my oily skin?’ My answer to that is that there is a big difference between dewy looking (from healthy looking skin) and shiny looking (from excessively oily skin) skin. The single biggest giveaway that someone is wearing heavy foundation is probably that their skin looks unnaturally matte. So a trick to looking like you’re wearing no makeup, is to make your makeup mimic the look of bare skin, which, when healthy, is naturally dewy.

If you’ve ever wondered how the stars achieve that dewy glowing look on the red carpet, then the answer is probably facial mist!


When I was asked to review products from Korean company Amore Pacific, without hesitation (and a little consultation with Hope In A Blog), I asked to be sent Aritaum’s new and improved Baby Face Mist.

Baby Face Mist comes in three types, Smooth Radiance, Firming Honey Radiance and Hydra Radiance. Each one is formulated to have specific skin benefits. Each product promises to effectively moisturise, but are also formulated to be applied on top of makeup without causing it to run or clump, making these perfect for setting makeup.


Baby Face Mist comes in a hairspray-esque pressurized aerosol bottle. Due to the similarity in appearance, you’d be forgiven for expecting it to blast you in the face like hairspray would. But Baby Face Mist is actually extremely gentle. The liquid is vaporised into tiny particles, and feels like, well, mist, on your face.

In terms of packaging, I do think that Baby Face Mist comes in too large bottles. The sample size that you can get is probably more practical, as you’d want to have one in your bag to apply during the day. I couldn’t imagine pulling out the full sized Baby Face Mist and spraying it in public!


Below is a run through of each type, which I have used to set my makeup. For base makeup I used Skin79 Orange Super Plus BB Cream, without powder. It’s somewhat pointless to use facial mist over powder, as powder is designed to reduce excess moisture and oils on your skin.

Smooth Radiance:

Baby Face Mist Smooth Radiance aims to improve skin texture and brighten the look of skin, with soothing lavender extract.


Using this Smooth Radiance to set my makeup, it’s clear to see that my skin has become smother and appears to glow, after application.


Firming Honey Radiance:

Firming Honey Radiance promises to do just that, firm up the skin, and contains honey.


Here’s the before and after. While I can’t tell that there has been any visible sign of firming of my skin (except for perhaps under my eyes), my skin does appears to be much smoother and healthy looking, after application.


Hydra Radiance:

Finally, Hydra Radiance is more intensively moisturizing than the other two types, and promises to maintain skin moisture to make the skin look more youthful.


While Hydra Radiance promises to be highly moisturizing, I didn’t feel a significantly increased level of moisture using Hydra Radiance compared to the other two types. However, the look achieved using Hydra Radiance to set my makeup was smoother and brighter looking skin.


Overall, I was extremely impressed with Aritaum Baby Face Mist. Personally, I couldn’t tell a great deal of difference between the three types, but each performed equally well in achieving dewy and glowing makeup finishes, and also helped keep my skin moisturised all day long. On top of that each of the Baby Face Mists smell amazing, and feel so refreshing to apply! I think every girl should have a facial mist in their makeup stash.

Finally, a question that might be on everyone’s mind might be whether using a facial mist is ideal for oily skin. I think it’s generally understood that it’s a myth that people with oily skin shouldn’t use moisturising products. I personally do have oily skin, especially around my T-zone, and I have not noticed any increase in oiliness using Baby Face Mist. On the flip side, I don’t think facial mist would in general offer enough moisture for extremely dry skin, and probably would not be as effective to use instead of a good hydrating moisturiser.



  • Versatile, and can be used to refresh and moisturize the skin at any time
  • Does not make makeup run or clump and is perfect for setting makeup
  • Gives skin the look of health and radiance, with a natural dewy finish
  • Spray mechanism is gentle and really does feel like mist on the skin
  • The product is finely vaporised to apply evenly on skin
  • Very affordable, at $15 each at Amore Pacific
  • Full sized bottle is slightly too large to carry around.


Amore Pacific is the Korean parent company of a number of popular brands, their most well known one being Laneige. A full range of Amore Pacific products are now easily accessible on their ebay store including Auritaum Baby Face Mist!



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