Saturday, April 21, 2012

Catch up with my latest photography!

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me and Closet Voyage. I’ve been seconded to another team two days a week, and the hours are long, with all the urgent legal work I’ve had to get on with the minute I stepped into the new office. For Closet Voyage, photography has been the highlight. This post is especially for those of you who aren’t fans of my facebook page, and I know there are at least 500 of you, to give you a little peak at the work I’ve been doing lately!

I’ve never told myself I’m a ‘photographer’, or that I am passionate about photography. I certainly don’t have aspirations of becoming a professional photography. I’ve just always been besotted with creating and capturing the beauty of the world around us, especially the people. The little quirks (or big one) that set each of us apart makes society rich and interesting, and should never be hidden away! My portraiture and fashion photography always concentrates at bringing out the unique personality of my subjects, and I think when they are successful at doing that, the photos just naturally turn out looking incredibly beautiful.

First up is my impromptu street style photogrpahy with my friend in crime, Nurie!


This week I’ve had the pleasure of playing makeup artist for Love Vintage’s photoshoot for the Canberra Times! Styling was done by the talented Mel from Librarian Chic and the hair was styled to perfection by Hair Flair.

I wasn’t photographer of the day, but I managed to catch some awesome snaps of behind the scenes!

I only had time to do makeup for two models. One was 50’s themed, and the other was 80’s themed. The one’s the 50’s look, with well defined contoured eyes, catty eyes, and bold and full fuchsia lips!


This is the 80’s look, with neon colour eye shadow, thick eyebrows, and big hair!


Next we rushed of to Material Pleasures for a second shoot with the models. This time me back in the photographer seat! This was a last minute decision, and we already missed the daylight, so it had to be all shot indoors. Now you guys probably know I only shoot in natural light, and don’t have any studio equipment, so we made the best we could out of a white wall, a white sheet, and 3200 ISO! I’ve yet to process the photos, so here’s a very brief sneak peak:


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