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Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus BB cream vs Orange Super Plus BB cream

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Since my Skin79 Orange Super Plus BB Cream review, people have been asking me whether they should get the Hot Pink or Orange Super Plus BB cream. Now that I have come into possession of both of these BB creams, I thought it would be interesting to compare the two to help anyone out there trying to decide which one to get.


I’ve lined these two BB creams up side by side, and you can see that Hot Pink seems to have more of a grey undertone than Orange. Orange also seems to be a little lighter in tone.

(You might notice textural different between my Hot Pink and Orange BB Creams, but this is just because my Hot Pink is considerably old now!)



[I’ve had some comments from people wondering if my Skin79 Hot Pink Super BB Cream might be fake! For tips on knowing when Skin79 BB creams are fake, check out this article by Little Makeup Box: http://littlemakeupbox-eng.blogspot.com.au/2010/05/skin-79-real-vs-fake-bb-cream_13.html. Please note that Skin79 products have been redesigned, and so older products may not look like the newer ones. I don’t believe my Hot Pink is fake, as it appears to exhibit all the indications of the real thing, but just in case, I also have the miniature Hot Pink sent to me by the official distributor www.mybbcream.com.au and the below swatch was made using the miniature.]


After blending, it’s clear to see that while Skin79 Hot Pink has a distinctly dewy finish, Orange is completely matte. Also, while it’s difficult to represent this in photos, Hot Pink has a clear greyish undertone, while Orange is much warmer. One other thing I noticed is also that Orange appears to have better coverage potential, applying much more opaquely than Hot Pink on the first layer. Of course, both BB Creams are very buildable.

The formulation of these two BB creams are also quite similar, being on the thick and sticky side.


There are also important differences in the benefits each one offers. Below is a comparison of respective benefits each product boasts.

Hot Pink Orange
Enhanced sebum control Controls oil and moisture balance
Increased hydration Maintains moisture
Skin whitening Skin whitening
Anti Wrinkle Anti Wrinkle
SPF25/PA++ SPF50+/PA+++
- Skin soothing
Fast absorption Fast absorption
Dewy finish Matte finish
Soft and smooth skin Transparent and clean skin

So you can see that Hot Pink and Orange promise different benefits to cater to different skin needs.

Based on the promised benefits, I would say that Hot Pink would be more suited to people with oily skin, while Orange would be great for people with normal or combination skin. Also, if you are particularly concerned with sun exposure, Skin79 Orange Super Plus BB Cream would be the one for you, with double the SPF rating than Hot Pink!

One final difference between the two BB creams how they smell. Hot Pink has a soapy powdery scent. Orange is floral and zesty.

Check out my Skin79 Orange Super Plus BB Cream review for further information!

My Skin79 Orange Super Plus BB Cream and miniature Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream were provided by www.mybbcream.com.au, the only authorised distributor for Skin79 in Australia!


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