Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday review: Dolly Wink No.14 Natural Cute Lower Lashes

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Like the massive fashion victim that I am, the moment I

heard about the new Dolly Wink “Otona Kawaii” (ladylike) range, I immediately searched the interwebs far and wide to acquire me a set. After ogling the different designs on the Dolly Wink website for about 40 minutes, I decided to try No. 10 Sweet cat and No.14 Natural Cute. These two are my personal favourites from the range at first impression. I reviewed Dolly Wink Sweet Cat a few weeks ago, and due to shifting around the blogging schedule, it’s only till now that I’ve been able to post my review of the lower lashes, Dolly Wink Natural Cute.

First of all let me just say that I am completely and utterly in love with Dolly Wink Natural Cute. Forget all the other Dolly Wink lower lashes, even from the original series. These are now my favourite lower lashes of all time. Why? Feel free to read on and find out!

For those who have just joined us, I should probably give you a little background on Dolly Wink false lashes. Dolly Wink is a false eyelash line under Japanese cosmetics brand, Koji. ‘Produced’ by Tsubasa Masuwaka, Japanese ‘gyaru’ model, her false eye lash range is aimed to be of superior quality, extremely natural looking, and specifically engineered for creating the gyaru makeup look, which is characterised by big, lashy and often ‘droopy’ eyes. This line of eyelashes has become highly coveted both inside and outside of Japan, so much so that www.sasa.com, which is one of the stockists who ships worldwide, is constantly out of stock of the popular styles such as Dolly Wink No.1 and No.2. The first Dolly Wink range offered 4 styles of upper lashes and 4 styles of lower lashes. The new Dolly Wink Otona Kawaii range offers the same, but the twist is that this time the styles are more subtle and mature or ladylike, but still distinctly ‘gyaru’.


I notice that a lot of people are not in love with the packaging of the new Dolly Wink Otona Kawaii range, saying that it’s plain and cheap looking compared to the original packaging, and that they don’t get why it’s a bottle. I don’t either! Actually when I first saw pictures of the Dolly Wink Otona Kawaii range online, I thought these had ‘fake’ written all over it.

Despite the less popular packaging, the quality of the the product definitely lives up to its reputation. While cheaper false lashes easily warp out of shape, Dolly Wink lashes always maintain their perma-curl to the very end. Even when you pinch the strands too hard with your tweezers and they develop a kink, they seem to just revert back to their original shape on their own. When anyone asks me if I think Dolly Wink is worth the extra price, I would suggest they look closely at the quality difference between Dolly Wink lashes and cheaper dupes. Also Dolly Wink false lashes are almost always guaranteed to last you longer than cheap lashes.

As always, Dolly Wink false lashes come in a set of two and a small tube of Dolly Wink eyelash glue. With cheaper lashes, the glue is always rubbish, but I totally swear by Dolly Wink eyelash glue!

The lash design

Dolly Wink Natural Cute is exactly as the name suggests. Thin and extremely natural looking clumps make up the inner half of these false lashes, while the ends have triangular clumps which, true to the gyaru style, aim to emphasize the outer corner of the eyes to help achieve the ‘tare me’ or droopy eye effect.

I can imagine some of you must be thinking, “the design looks so simple, surely you can find a cheaper dupe!” But if you look closely, you can see that attention to detail has been paid to place the lash clumps somewhat randomly and in alternating thicknesses so that they more convincingly resemble real lashes. In my opinion, it’s details like this that make many Dolly Wink designs not easily dupable.




The spine is very flexible so it’s easy to curve Dolly Wink Natural Cute to your natural eye line. Once the glue dries, the transparent spine is more or less invisible, and it’s really not that obvious that I am wearing lower lashes. You could also use black coloured eyelash glue to deliberately make the spine look like perfectly drawn eyeliner!


I would also recommend applying these lashes as close to the inner corner of your eyes as possible to achieve consistency. I would not recommend trimming these as the length is perfect for elongating the other corner of the eye. However, if you already have naturally long lower lashes, you may choose to trim off the inner strands and only use the outer clumps.



  • Extremely natural looking
  • The design and length is perfect for elongating the eye and creating the tare me effect
  • Flexible spine makes for easy application
  • Super thin and transparent spine is almost invisible once the glue dries
  • Durable and one pair should last many many applications
  • May be too natural looking for those who want to create a more dramatic look
  • Lash clumps may start to move along the spine if pulled excessively

Make sure to also check out my review on Dolly Wink Sweet Cat!

Dolly Wink Natural Cute are available on www.sasa.com for $13.50USD!

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