Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Review–Geo Big Grang Grang Choco

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When I tried Princess Mimi Bambi Almond Brown, I thought I had found the perfect brown lens. But now I think I have to go back on my words - earlier this week I received a pair of the new Geo Big Grang Grang Choco lenses from Lensvillage.com to review~

As always, shipping was impeccably fast! I received the package 3 days after they told me they’d sent it.


Geo Grang Grang is reportedly selling off the shelves in Asia. And no wonder. They are so natural looking!



Diameter : 15mm

Use : 1 Year

Manufacturer : GEO Medical 

Origin : South Korea

The design looks like it’s hundreds of pieces of randomly overlapping pieces of brown crystal. While they form a defined circle around the outside of the lens, the gradation is quite subtle. I noticed there is a little ‘B’ hidden inside the design for some reason, probably denoting that it’s the ‘Big’ 15mm Grang Grang, rather than the regular size, which is 14.2mm. I was hoping when I saw this that the ‘B’ wouldn’t show up when you put it on.


Nope, can’t see the ‘B’ haha. But oh my gosh how natural do these look!! And unlike some other natural looking brown lenses, the design shows up quite vividly against my super dark eyes!


Interestingly, these do look very very similar to Princess Mimi Almond Brown, which are also 15mm – check out the comparison:


When on, they look even more similar!


The difference is that Grang Grang Choco is more of a more vibrant yellowish brown, with a sparkly elemet, while Almond Brown is more of a grey brown and the design doesn’t show up that vividly.

The other more important difference? Grang Grang Choco is oh-so-amazingly comfortable! Even more comfortable than Almond Brown! As soon as you pick it up on your finger you can tell how thin the lens is. While there is a view that thin lenses retain less water and therefore dry out more quickly, they also feel comfortable on for the first few hours as opposed to thicker lenses. I wore these lenses for 12 hours today (not recommended!) and only toward the end did I start to feel my eyes drying out.



  • Beautiful natural brown, and yet the design shows up quite well on even very dark eyes 
  • Great enlarging effect
  • So thin and soft and so so comfortable
  • Also comes in a smaller 14.2mm design that’s even less noticeable when worn


  • Because these lenses are super thin and soft, they tend to fold over by themselves when you’re trying to apply them


These lenses were supplied by www.lensvillage.com who has them for $23USD per pair – but use coupon code “10closetvoyage” to get a 10% discount!



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