Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cheap Thrills Thursdays–Duping Dolly Wink No.8

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As much as I love all the products from the Dolly Wink line, I agree with the general consensus out there that the designs are simple enough and are totally dupable. One of the easier designs from Dolly Wink to dupe, by far, is No.8 Pure Little. A while ago I mentioned in a Cheap Thrills Thursday post that a Taiwanese made lower lash is really similar to Dolly Wink No. 8. Well this week I found an even closer dupe!


So here’s Dolly Wink No.8. As you can see, these are super natural looking extra long lower lash extensions that come in clumps of two and four. The are by far my favourite lower lashes because they look so real!


And here’s the dupe. Loujene No.8 (what do you know the numbering matches). This is a brand imported by Top Bargain, an Australian discount store. I think I remember seeing this brand at 100yen stores in Japan. There are a few designs in this range which to me resembles some Diamond Lash designs – more on that on some other Thursday!

At Top Bargain, they are selling these for $2.80. It’s a price hike, but still so much cheaper than Dolly Wink, which retails for at best, $13AUD. Of course you do get two pairs and a tube of eyelash glue with Dolly Wink.



Putting these lashes next to the Dolly Wink No.8, you can already see the similarities.


But as is, the Loujene lashes look horrible! It almost looks like you’ve put on upper lashes by mistake.


I chose the best looking clusters and cut them up. A fair segment of these lashes don’t work at all, like the middle, which is way too long.

So now, putting my cut up cheap lashes next to Dolly Wink No.8, they are looking really similar. However, it’s very obvious that the Dolly Wink lashes are much higher quality. The strands are a little finer and actually end in points, where as the cheap lashes are blunt, and also tend to kink.


I still think that Dolly Wink No.8 looks better, but these are pretty close!


In subtle but important ways Dolly Wink No.8 is worth the price and worth buying. This is because it’s just so much better quality.

But comparing the cost of the Loujene No.8 at $2.80 and Dolly Wink NO.8 at Sasa.com at $13 not including shipping, it’s definitely a cheap thrill!


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