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Friday Review: Skin79 Orange Super Plus BB Cream

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A few weeks ago the lovely people at http://www.mybbcream.com.au/ sent me a few of their SKIN79 BB Creams to review. So today I’ll be reviewing the much hyped Skin79 Orange Super Plus BB Cream!

Before I begin, I would like to point those who have just joined us to my Skin79 Lovely Girl review for a short explanation of what BB Cream is. But I’ll just sum it up by saying that BB Creams are all in one base makeup products considered to be preferred alternatives to foundation, providing not only coverage but skin health benefits.

Packaging wise Skin79 Orange Super Plus BB Cream gets an A++! Skin79’s patent vacuum pump bottle has always been my favourite BB Cream packaging. I love the vibrant colour and contrasting gold panels. It fits perfectly in your hand, and the large pump push top is easy to operate. It feels expensive and luxurious, but also young and modern.

One of the issues I have with the description on BB cream is that they often list so many things that you couldn’t sum up in one sentence what the cream is supposed to do. A part of this probably has to be attributed to loss in translation.

The promotion material for Skin79 Orange Super Plus lists five main benefits, being

  • Vidal-V 5 Vitamin Complex
  • Eco-Oil MX
  • Sun protection
  • Fast absorption
  • Soothing and complete protection

skin79 orange body
The box of the BB Cream itself has some more information.

Skin79 Orange Super Plus offers ‘Triple Function’ benefits, being UV protection, whitening and wrinkle improvement. Specifically it promises to make skin bright and smooth, with multi-vitamin and eco-oil ingredients to strengthen the skin, form a protective barrier and block melanin formation. The formula is quickly absorbed and adheres well to the skin to make skin transparent and clean.

Like Skin79 Hot Pink, the tone of this BB Cream is a better match for my skin than some other BB Creams, although it is still a few shades lighter. As I mentioned in my Skin79 Lovely Girl Review, I like that I can get a pearlier complexion with BB Cream, so I’m glad that it’s a few shades lighter.
The consistency feels thick, but you’ll find that it blends out easily just with fingers and a little goes a long way. The finish is matte, which I like.
And now, the question on everyone’s lips - how’s the coverage?!

This is a very important question, but I think that people put too much emphasis on just coverage. I mean if all there was to base makeup was coverage, sticking your wet face in a bag of flour would surely be the most effective technique! In my opinion what we should really be looking for in base makeup is its ability to improve the overall appearance of health in skin WITHOUT looking like you are wearing any.

Anyway, Skin79 BB creams are known to have medium to light coverage, and Skin79 Orange Super Plus BB keeps to this tradition. In my Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream review last week, a few people commented that they felt this level of coverage may not be enough for them. So this time I thought I might start by showing you my bare skin to give you a better idea.

As you can see from the these snaps, my bare skin is quite dull, uneven in colouration and texture and covered in random scars and sun spots. Upon applying Skin79 Orange Super Plus BB, the appearance of the scars is visibly reduced, but the most dramatic difference is I think how much more even, bright and translucent my skin looks. Skin79 Orange doesn’t exaggerate when it said it will make the skin look more ‘transparent and clean’ – it really does do this! A little concealer makes the scars disappear (I’m using Clinique ‘Line Smoothing’ Concealer) and a dusting of mineral powder completely evens out the finish.

And here’s my FOTD with Skin79 Orange Super Plus BB Cream~ It doesn’t make all my imperfections disappear, but my skin looks 10x healthier and clearer. Also I love that it’s not incredibly obvious I’m wearing any at all.

  • Medium coverage that should be sufficient to cover up minor blemishes
  • Makes skin appear brighter and more translucent
  • Outstanding sun protection at SPF50+
  • Gives matte finish for those who are conscious of shiny skin, like me.
  • Super cute and luxurious vacuum pump bottle. I love displaying it on my dresser!
  • May not offer enough moisture or oil control for dry and oil skin, respectively. For those with dry skin, it’s recommended that you apply moisturiser before using this BB cream. For those with oily skin, it is recommended that you use a clarifying toner and skip any moisturising step prior to application, as Skin79 Orange Super Plus should offer sufficient moisture throughout the day.
  • Only comes in one light shade and may not be suitable for all skin tones



I first caught wind of this vendor when I saw their special offer on http://www.ouffer.com/. It seemed clear to me that this company was interested not only to sell BB Cream to current fans of BB Cream in Australia (mostly Asian customers), but also to bring Korea BB Cream into the main stream. If this is one of their goals then I’m right behind them – in my mind Korean BB Creams are still the ‘original’ and the best.

This from their website:


If you are wondering which BB cream is right for you, check out mybbcream’s skin type analysis and their 2 step process to picking your perfect product!

I had a read of their Wholesale page and it looks like if you can get 4 of your friends together to buy and share, you can get 1/4 knocked off the price! This from the website:

  • Get any 5 BB Creams & enjoy 25% discount!
  • Get any 10 BB Creams & enjoy 30% discount!
  • Get any 20 BB Creams & enjoy 35% discount! (Mix-and-match accepted)

Also, for a limited time you’ll get miniatures as free gifts of any purchase of full sized BB Cream!
As well as BB Creams, Mybbcream stocks an impressive range of other Korean beauty products from makeup to skincare.
They have a great well structured and easily to navigate website – I really hope you guys check it out!


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