Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ulzzang inspired makeup tutorial!

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A while ago one of my readers asked me if I would do a Korean Ulzzang makeup tutorial. Well here it is! There is a huge difference between Japanese gyaru style makeup and the Korean Ulzzang look. The main difference is I think the gyaru style is aimed at achieving huge round lashy eyes, while the ulzzang style is about creating a half moon eye shape and elongating the eye while keeping everything quite natural looking. The appeal of Japanese gyaru style is that you use so many products and tricks to camouflage almost any flaw. For example, if you have narrow eyes, you can make them look wider by applying super long lashes; if you want your eyes to look droopy all you have to do is draw eyeliner outside of your natural eye line. As the Ulzzang look requires (and allows for) so much less makeup, the key is to emphasize your naturally beautiful features, particularly your eyes. So most of the steps in the below tutorial will be aimed at doing this – good luck!


First, start with a flawless base. I used Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream as a base, Chanel VITALUMIÈRE AQUA Liquid Foundation, Clinique Concealer, and Chanel ÉCLAT LUMIÈRE for under the eyes. Pay special attention to concealing any blemishes and under eyes shadows. Apply a generous amount of foundation to completely even out your skin tone. It might not be a bad idea to use a shade lighter than your skin, but make sure to follow through with your neck and décolletage so there is no contrast!

Now apply a little blush to give your skin some colour to balance out all that foundation!


One of the most iconic aspects of the Korean Ulzzang look is thick and straight, natural looking eyebrows. Use an eyebrow pen to fill in any gaps and draw slightly outside of your eyebrows if they are very thin. I have also used Cosmagic Visual Up Brow eyebrow mascara to lighten my eyebrows.


Now eyeshadow. I used a four tone palette by Stilla, my favourite!


Use the highlight to brighten up your whole eye area.


Using mid-tone and the brown shadows, define your lids and shade the outer corners of your eyes.


Now to create that puffy tear line look. Apply a thin line of highlight (or white eyeliner) just below your tear line, then just below that, a thin like of mid-tone eyeshadow.


Now for the all important eyeliner. I used Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black. Draw a thin line as close to the roots of your lashes as you can, then draw out a *really* long wing. Make sure this line is super smooth and close, and also apply eyeliner under the roots of your top lashes.


Now we’ll work on the bottom eyelid to complete the half moon shape.

Using liquid eyeliner, draw a thin line under the tear duct of the inner corner of your eye.


Using a near-black eye shadow or pencil eyeliner, draw out the outer edge of your eye, making sure to meet up with the wing of the liquid eyeliner on top.


If you already have long lashes, just curl them, and apply a thick layer of mascara. If you have almost non-existent lashes, like me, apply a set of natural long lashes, like this pair I purchased for $2.80 from the local discount store. This kind of design should be quite common and easy to find.



Apply a natural pink lippy and you’re done! (Yes, I changed lenses – I thought a natural brown like Princess Mimi Bambi Almond Brown would be more appropriate!)


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