Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tip for Tuesday– makeup tutorial collection 2011

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It seems like ages since I last did a makeup tutorial! I’ve been thinking for a long time now that I should be doing video tutorials, rather than trying to deliver an essay with my tenuous grasp on English grammar!

Hoping to prove to you guys that I actually did used to do tutorials(and knowing that my old posts have disappeared into the folds of blogger space-time) I thought I might take you guys down memory lane, to my 3 favourite makeup tutorials of 2011!

  1. Ayumi Hamasaki inspired look

First up is my Ayu inspired make tutorial- from her her 2007 album Best 2 Black. I loved how Ayu’s eye makeup on this album cover was so sharp and defined.2

Then there was my Sayoko Ozaki’s sexy eye makeup tutorial. If only I had Sayoko-chan’s huge cat like eyes!after01

  1. Ageha style makeup

I had fun doing this Ageha style tutorial, but I’ve yet to wear this dramatic look in daylight, lest I poke someone’s eyes out with these razor sharp false lashes!ageha make up


I’m hoping 2012 is the year I work up the nerve to finally put myself on video for your amusement Open-mouthed smile - it’ll happen just as soon as I finish reading the user manual of my new Canon 5D Mark II! >_<

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