Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Review: Dolly Wink No.3 Natural Girly

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About this time of year last year, I bought my first pair of Dolly Wink false lashes. Before I knew it, I had become some kind of unhealthy aficionado, collector, and sometimes purveyor, of Japanese false lashes.

Of all the four famous original Dilly Wink top lash designs, Natural Girly was one I never thought I would want to try. These are probably by far the least popular of the four Dolly Wink upper lashes, but perhaps in a somewhat tied position with No.4, ‘Feminine Style’. A lot of my readers comment on false lashes in terms of how ‘dramatic’ they look. Well, this makes sense, because if you are going to spend half an hour ripping your own lashes out putting on falsies, then they better be damn noticeable! But I think this concept of wearing more and more dramatic lashes is getting a bit out of hand. The other day, I was at the Harvey Norman looking at TV’s and there was this goth/punk girl there, wearing eye lashes that were, I kid you not, over and inch long! And they were thick, like a pair of little black Postits in a Mr Bean skit!!

Lets not forget that falsies are meant to enhance your features. Specifically, to make you eyes look bling and large! I feel great when people tell me they didn’t know I was wearing falsies. This is just a reflection that 1. the lashes look natural, and 2. you’ve applied them correctly!

Long story short, I decided, with my new philosophy in hand, to finally give this design a jolly good try. (I also do ant to make a note that a new exciting set of Dolly Wink lashes were released recently!!)




A rather simple design, Natural Girly consist of sparsely placed extra long clumps of lash strands.


I think this design gives a great eye enlarging effect without looking like false lashes at all!




  • So natural looking that people wouldn’t think you’re wearing false lashes
  • Extra long strands really opens up the eyes
  • With less strands than other designs, wearing them is very light and comfortable


  • This is not for those of you who like dramatic designs. No.3 is extremely natural looking.
  • You wouldn’t think so but these are a bit harder to put on than other Dolly Wink designs because you only have the super thin spine to stick glue to.

I personally love this design!

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