Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Nail Stuff–Wonder Woman inspired deco nails!

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I think neat and perfectly painted nails give people such a confidence boost, but most people I know say they just don’t bother because they haven’t got the time. Then there are others who visit the nail salon once a week just to get a coat of colour, and for up to $15 a job – what a rip off!

This is a really simple and easy look that you can literally do in 20 minutes!


The inspiration: The mildly pornographic female DC comics super hero – Wonder Woman.


So first, on goes the base colour. Life-hack nail painting by choosing a colour that’s very saturated, like a red or blue, or a cream colour. If the colour is intense you can get away with apply only one thin coat and this will dry in a matter of minutes. The bonus is the more coats you put on, the more likely the nail polish will crack.

So first, put on the base coat and colour. I used OPI ‘I’m not really a waitress’ metallic red. No need to wait for this to dry, as wet nail polish will help glue the deco to your nails.


For nail art, I stock cheap-as-chips assorted 1 mm rhinestones and 2 mm stars. To apply, I use a wax pencil which cost me a dollar for two. All bought from ebay.


I don’t actually use any nail glue to apply the deco. I just apply a coat of top coat, and then apply the rhinestones before the coat dries.


The wax pencil picks up small rhinestones so easily!


Then just stick them on! I echoed the design elements in Wonder Woman’s costume: Red, yellow, blue, and stars.


I love the idea of doing each nail a little bit differently while sticking with a unifying theme.



I would avoid sticking deco too close to the tip of your nails, as this is just asking for them to be pulled off as you go about your day.

How often do you paint your nails???

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