Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mid Week Outfit–Lime green shorts: and they say I have no taste!

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It seems like recently I’ve been reminiscing so much about my past fashion misadventures :). Back in high school I used to wear these lime green skinny pants and all the other kids would laugh at me. But I thought they were super unique. I wouldn’t say I was very fashionable back in those days, but no one could deny that I had a of ‘style’ going on haha – the kind where you wake up too late and don’t have time to look in the mirror before leaving home! Ironically one day I had an epic fall (tripping over my own feet as always) and grazed a hole right through the knee, in front of everyone.

These shorts from Asos.com ticked all the boxes for me:

  • Lime green - tick
  • High waisted - tick
  • Super short – tick
  • Tailored - tick
  • only $25 – triple tick!

I need shorts to be super short because I have enormous thighs, and longish shorts make my legs look like tree trunks. I don’t understand the science behind it but hot pants seem to be much more forgiving for my figure~

Unfortunately these turned out to be quite poor quality, like many asos.com ‘home brand’ items – the hook fastener fell off immediately - but they still look super cute!


My indoor cat, Maris has this obsession about the outdoors lol. She begged to be let out when I was taking pictures in the garden. I’m somewhat a slave to her whims because she’ll just be a bitch to me if I don’t lol. Look at that face!


I wore: Shirt, thrifted; Shorts, Asos.com; Patent nude pumps by Tony Bianco.

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