Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday review–Kat Von D ‘Metal Orchestra’ eye shadow palette

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I don’t know why but it’s taken me bloody ages to review one of the exciting new things my neighbour Andria gave me back in May last year, after I met her through her out of this world garage sale. Recently she held another one, selling yet even more of her extensive makeup collection. This time she kindly invited me into her home, to show me her main stash, which I have to say, was an absolute beauty blogger dream. She had a huge cabinet dedicated to her makeup collection of several hundreds of products, which included all the brands you could think of, from drug store to luxury. We talked makeup and beauty for half an hour, and I suddenly felt completely out of my league.

Long story short, I’m finally getting around to reviewing the Kat Von D ‘Metal Orchestra’ palette.

First of all I’m loving the packaging. The cover design is so chic and epitomises the theme of this palette. I also want to mention that the box feels very compact, just big enough for the generous portion of product, without any extra bs that just ends up taking up room in your makeup bag.


The first glance upon opening the palette conjures up images of underground raves on starry nights, mystery, romance and intrigue, and, inextricably, vampires - of the ‘True Blood’ denomination.



This palette is a spectrum of silvers and blues.The colours from left to right:

  • First class
  • Techno
  • Thrasher
  • Dagger
  • Lucifer
  • Glock
  • Razor gray
  • Slayer(cream)


Used in this look: Razor Gray, Techno and Thrasher.

The best way I can describe this palette is ‘electrifying’! Each colour is intense and shimmer infused, but the particles are so fine that your eyes don’t so much as shimmer, but glow. I’m in love!

Kat Von D also has a How-to video on youtube using this palette – check it out.

As a final note, here’s a picture of Andria’s garage sale. Needless to say I took my sweet time browsing it all, and picked up another kilogram of makeup, and this time, nail art accessories. I fought with an old Asian lady over one of the Elf Beauty Book eye shadow palettes, and she made off with the one I wanted!


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