Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cheap thrills Thursday: $10 shopping spree, wee!

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Unfortunate enough to have a shopping addiction, I seem to lose control of my wallet hand when I am anywhere close to a shoe shop. But luckily I have a second character flaw that, when put together with the first, the two naturally cancel each other out – mind-blowing cheapness!

This week’s cheap thrill purchases are all $10. That’s practically free!

Heeled hiking boots from Windsorsmith. I suppose it was marked down to $10 because it’s missing one shoe lace hook on the left shoe – like I care!!


Nude brogues, also form Windsorsmith, again on sale for only $10!


Since I’ve kicked my ex out, I’ve been redecorating. I’m going with a b/w and block colours theme in my room, so these 3 for $10 large wooden letter cut outs from Typo had me at ‘hello’!


Buy anything super cheap recently?

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