Friday, November 18, 2011

The perfect brown circle lens? Princess Mimi Bambi Almond Brown

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Some of you who have been following me long enough would know that I have been on the search for the perfect brown circle lens – one that makes your eyes look massive, but at the same time look perfectly natural. This lens probably doesn’t exist, but the Princess Mimi Bambi Almond Brown comes very close!

These were sent to me by my lovely sponsors http://www.shoppingholics.com/, and I love these so much that these have become the only pair I wear!


Just before I review the lens, I really have to say a little something about the outstanding customer service at http://www.shoppingholics.com/. They package the products so well in the cutest packaging…


…and of course they provide you with adorable free contact lens cases. They also threw in a free gift!


I love that they include a thankyou card. This is really a very nice personal touch.


But the thing I can’t get over is there to-die-for little boxes that are just the right size for a set of contact lens jars!


I was sent a pair of Princess Mimi Almond Brown and Geo X-tra flower brown – that review to come later!


So now back to the review.


  • Colour: Brown
  • Diameter : 15.0mm
  • Water Content : 38%
  • Base Curve : 8.6mm
  • Life Span : 1 year disposal



One word on the colour of these lenses. They are not yellow-ish brown like most other brown lenses on the market. They are more of a pale brown, which I think is the secret to how natural they look. The black ring around the outside also perfectly defines the iris.


I just love, love, love how these lenses look! But what’s even more impressive about these lenses is how amazingly comfortable they are. They feel comfortable as soon as you put them on and feel great all day long. I’ve worn these for 8 hours without any discomfort.


  • The most comfortable lens in the Princess Mimi range I have tried
  • Looks very natural and yet really enlarges the eyes


  • On very dark eyes like mine, they look more black than brown, especially in indoor light.

Buy these lenses here!


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