Sunday, November 13, 2011

A new hair cut finally!

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I’ve been putting off cutting my hair for the longest time because it’s so expensive! My last hair cut was in July, when I went back to Perth for Maria’s hens’ night. So it’s been 4 months, and my hair has been going out of control. A girl at work was talking about cutting her hair and I was like, screw it, I need a hair cut, I don’t care how much it costs! I called up Kelvin at 02 Hair, the only hair stylist I trust in Canberra to cut my hair the way I like >.<.

While I was there, we revived my idea of dying my hair ash blond. I’m going back to get this done next month – so exciting!


I realized I hardly ever do FOTD anymore. So here it is!

27 (2)

I used, as always:

Some of you have asked me what contact lens I’ve been wearing lately. It’s Princess Mimi Almond Brown, sent to me by http://www.shoppingholics.com/! My review of these lenses and a second pair they have sent me is coming up~ I promise. I’ve been so behind with all the blogging I have planned!

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