Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vanity Box 7-day Coordination: Day 3–Preppy with London Hearts

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A few weeks ago Vanity Box gave me a $100 budget to create 7 outfits in conjunction with items from my own wardrobe! I selected three versatile basics that could be dressed up, down, or even sideways if so desired. Each item was under $35!

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Day 3 – Preppy with London Hearts

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Today’s coordination is with the London Hearts top - $22!


I wore: Tuxedo jacket from French connection; Top from Vanitybox; AA Skirt; Thrifted bag; Jeffrey Campbel Mariel in Black Suede.

An absolute wardrobe essential is a slouchy t-shirt with a bold print. I mean what can’t you do with a slouchy t-shirt – cool paired with any bottom or outer, even wear as a dress if long enough! It’s difficult for me to buy a print t-shirt because I find most designs either confusing, meaningless when taken out of context or overly hispter. The London Hearts design is just my cup of tea. I love font, the message is pretty obvious – ‘London’, and the digital print design is so – dare I say it – ‘on trend’. It’s one of those trends the magazines tried to push but really didn’t get picked up in Australia so is actually considered quite obscure here. I like that.



This look is sponsored by Vanity Box (http://vanitybox.com.au). They are based in Australia (yay!), but they ship internationally as well! They are still quite new, having only been around since 2010, but with their amazing products, excellent customer service and super fast shipping, I can tell they are going to be the next big thing. But there’s definitely something special about this retailer that gives them an edge against other more established online stores. Unlike some Asian fashion retailers, Vanity Box doesn’t ‘cattle drive’ their stock. You get a feeling from the effort they put into their well built website and excellent product descriptions that they are passionate about everything they sell. Also I might mention that the store owner is a dear!

This description on their website:

Beginning in mid 2010, Vanity Box is an online boutique store focusing on chic and trendy Korean fashion wear and Korean cosmetics. At Vanity Box, we aim to provide a pleasant shopping experience. Our motto is to provide quality yet affordable products without compromising our service. Vanity Box is the only foreign supplier of Ameli cosmetics, a new contender in the Korean market with a strong following online.


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