Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: Dueba Puffy 3 Tones Purple Contact Lens

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When approached by LensVillage to do a review of one of their lenses, I decided to continue with my trend of trying some unconventional designs, and selected my very first purple contact lens.



Product name: Dueba Puffy 3 Tones Violet

Manufacturer: Dueba

Prescription: 0.00 to -10.00  

Use: 1 Year

Diameter : 16 mm (!!)

Made in South Korea 

Lens Village is a relatively new contact lens retailer on the market with a promise of a superior range of products. They’re service was great. While I didn’t mind at all that the mailing of the lenses was delayed due to public holidays, they made sure to let me know that this was the case and exactly how long the delay was. It’s a mark of a good retailer that understands that customers don’t mind waiting as long as they are kept informed!


They were also kind enough to include a free lens case.


This is a seriously pretty lens! The design is intricate and the colours vibrant but slightly muted.




As for comfort, I noticed immediately when I picked up the lens with my finger that it was super soft and on the thicker side. Thicker lenses have a higher water content, and therefore allows greater oxygenation of your eyes when worn. But on the flipside, thicker lenses dehydrate more quickly, and can actually dry out your eyes if you plan to wear them for extended periods and don’t rehydrate them with eye drops (which you should definitely do!). I wore these lenses for about 8 hours and they were comfortable for the most part, but did make my eyes feel dry towards the end.

I didn’t actually realize how big these lenses were when I selected it for review. At 16mm, it’s probably the largest lens I own now. However I find with coloured lenses that they don’t usually appear as big as black ones of the same size.


  • Vivid colour, and decidedly purple, unlike other purple and pink lenses, which only give you a hint of colour.
  • Opaque, so it shows up on even the blackest eyes, like mine.
  • Being three tones, while it’s obviously not a plausible colour, it does look natural on some level, and not like you’ve coloured your eyes in with a marker!
  • This is a bit subjective, but I think it’s very pretty!
  • This would be my first pick for cosplay contacts.


  • While a huge lens at 16mm, you probably wouldn’t know it from a 15mm lens
  • Less curvature than other lenses I have worn, so it tends not to fall into place on its own when you put it on. You may have to push it to centre it on your eye

Overall I am really liking the deign of this lens. I would love to try the more natural colours in this range.

Buy this lens here. Don’t forget to enter discount code “10closetvoyage” at the checkout to get a 10% discount on your order!

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