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Sponsored Review: Ameli Shiny Cake Blusher from VanityBox.com.au

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If you were impressed by the Ameli Eyeshadow I reviewed in a previous post, you’ll love the Ameli Shiny Cake Blusher. VanityBox.com.au were kind enough to send me both a blusher and contourer (and some other delicious gifts!). I’ve forever been a blush-skeptic because I find very few blush products work with my tanned skin tone.

If you’ve never heard of Ameli (where have you been! :P), here’s a background from VanityBox.com.au’s website:

It is an online only business(lower product costs compared to store front retailers) and has only recently opened to end customers(2008), prior to that they only specialised in providing cosmetics for make up artists. They have been gaining immense popularity over the past 2 years, recently winning the best cosmetics site award(In Style Korean Magazine). Having reviewed their products, we feel that Ameli eyeshadows are an excellent buy as they have a range of colours similar to that only found in branded cosmetics and is of equally superb quality. Ameli’s products also come in a generous amount, i.e – their eyeshadows come in twice the amount of content compared to a majority of brands -  at affordable prices. You can read more about Ameli here.


The colours I’m reviewing are #02A Ameli Blush(Pink) and #01B Ameli Contour Blush (Brown)


First lets have a look at the #02A Pink. This is a pale baby pink colour with light reflectivity. It’s well pigmented and very buildable.


This colour is so flattering, even on my skin tone. It brightens my cheek as well as ads colour, and gives an overall glowy appearance – I love it!


Next the contourer. While this looks brown, it’s a true contourer which diffuses light rather than adds colour. The effect is similar to the Canmake Shading Powder.


Personally, as I have quite a broad ‘flat’ face, I don’t feel that contouring really helps me achieve the illusion of a ‘smaller face’. However, this contourer works wonders at defining my nose.



  • Both products are of high quality.
  • Pink blush is highly pigmented and buildable so it can be worn sheer for a hint of glow or applied more liberally to complement the gyaru look – this is now my favourite blush and the only one I use!
  • Though the blush is a super powdery baby pink colour, it’s flattering on even darker skin tone, like mine.
  • The contourer diffuses light falling onto the face to give illusion of shadows(available in this range is a highlighter: #01A Ameli Luminizer(Ivory) – your face needs both light and shade).
  • Generous product portions that go a long way, so it’s great value for money at only 19.50.
  • Pressed powder, so no mess of getting the powder everywhere after a few uses.
  • Package sizes are great for fitting inside your makeup bag.


  • The blusher is currently not available in any other colours. I would probably buy this in every colour if they had it!

Get these products here.


This review is sponsored by Vanity Box (http://vanitybox.com.au). They are based in Australia (yay!), but they ship internationally as well! They are still quite new, having only been around since 2010, but with their amazing products, excellent customer service and super fast shipping, I can tell they are going to be the next big thing. But there’s definitely something special about this retailer that gives them an edge against other more established online stores. Unlike some Asian fashion retailers, Vanity Box doesn’t ‘cattle drive’ their stock. You get a feeling from the effort they put into their well built website and excellent product descriptions that they are passionate about everything they sell. Also I might mention that the store owner is a dear!

This description on their website:

Beginning in mid 2010, Vanity Box is an online boutique store focusing on chic and trendy Korean fashion wear and Korean cosmetics. At Vanity Box, we aim to provide a pleasant shopping experience. Our motto is to provide quality yet affordable products without compromising our service. Vanity Box is the only foreign supplier of Ameli cosmetics, a new contender in the Korean market with a strong following online.


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