Thursday, October 20, 2011

Does she have a blog…?

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Maybe living in Canberra has made me fashion-soft, but once in a while I am blown away by how rad someone’s outfit is. The first thing I think is: ‘does she have a blog?’ But as Canberrans generally don’t blog. Indeed 80% of the humble 360,000 population don’t even know what a ‘blog’ is! To me it’s a total tragedy, especially in a small town where you literally have nothing to dress up for. Call me vain but I think a great outfit just goes to waste if you don’t snappy-snap it and show the world!


This adorable girl is my housemate’s friend, Anika. We happened to bump into her at lunch the other day, and I loved her style so much I asked her to let me snap her outfit and blog it on her behalf!

I am loving the ethnic/navajo oversized knit, which is so huge for A/W in the northern hemisphere (for Aussies it will probably be next season). Anika picked this up for $1 at a thrift store in Sydney – this girl knows how to shop! I’m also a huge fan of her dipped hair – very Drew Barrymore o’2009 but with a youthful twist.

Do you sometimes wish you could go all Sartorialist or FRUiTS Magazine Japan and snap people’s outfits on the street?

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