Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gyaru on the cheap: KKCenterHK False Eye Lashes ES A29

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I really want to try and dispel the preconception out there (which I am also guilty of) that only expensive false eyelashes like Dolly Wink, Eyemazing or Melliesh are worth buying. While I think that the high quality of those brands are well worth the price, there are great low cost alternatives that you can make work if you’d rather not fork out $15-20 for just two pairs of, lets face it, a couple of strands of hair tied to fishing line!

KKCenterHK have given me a set of ES A29 lashes to review. I’m always on the lookout for great defined lash styles, and as soon as these arrived in the mail, I knew I would love them!



The A29 eyelash design creates long defined lashes, perfect for enlarging the eyes. The effect is quite similar to of Dolly Wink No.1 and Licca Dolly Lashes.

My first comment about these lashes is that, as they are cheaply made compared to the more expensive brands, the spine and strands are quite stiff. This has both an up side and down side. On the one hand, the inflexibility of the spine makes this eyelash difficult to apply; on the other hand, the strands have a perfect curl, and look extremely pretty when on.

So here’s how they look.




A word of advice when trying to apply these lashes – use an eyelash curler to bend the spine of these lashes as much as you can. If the spine isn’t sufficiently curbed, the edges will keep coming unstuck as you are trying to glue them, and will drive you nuts! For this reason I wouldn’t recommend these lashes for absolute beginners who have no eyelash application experience. I can imagine for any beginners out there you might get frustrated with trying to get these on and give up on false eyelashes all together.

If you want some tips on applying false lashes, have a look at my tutorial!


  • Looks great when on and really makes your eyes pop
  • Amazing value at $6.50USD for 10 pairs!
  • You don’t have to worry about ruining these as you get so many pairs


  • The quality reflects the price – not mounted on a thin transparent spine as more expensive lashes, and the strands are quite stiff and do not look nature (but then when do false lashes look nature?). However, when applied, I think these look fantastic.
  • Limited reusability as strands easily pull off, but I don’t think there’s any sense being thrifty when these are so cheap anyway.

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