Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spring and USPS postal delays…

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Recently the trees on my street have blossomed beautiful white flowers. It reminds me of cherry blossom trees in Japan. They bloom overnight, but are so fleeting, and within a week they are all replaced by new leaves. I suppose this means it’s Spring. But in Canberra, the weather needs no justification to be freezing cold.


Due to my new resolution to wear hats when ever I can, I got some real wear out of my last season’s boaters hat, which had been nothing more than a shelf ornament till now. This 70’s floral shirt was one of my thrift buys from Revolve Vintage Clothing in Melbourne. It was only $25, and as soon as I tried it on I knew I had to have it. Though the shirt is originally built to be gathered everywhere, which was really popular in its time, but I would rather let it slouch where it can.

In other news, things I ordered from the US at the beginning of August have still not arrived. I’ve been told there is a 10 business days delay on all deliveries after July, so I shouldn’t be expecting mine until at least two weeks after the expected arrival date. This is the part of online shopping that can really let you down. The money was long spent, but the product is still sitting somewhere in limbo. And it’s probably nobody’s fault.

Anyone else waiting unreasonable periods for their purchases to arrive?

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